About the Ginger

Hey there! Glad to see you. 

Welcome to my corner of the internet where I’ll show you what I’m cooking, or baking… or simply just eating. I am the ginger with a touch of spice, and I love ginger and spicy food.

However, you will find all sorts of dishes here – from healthy to comfort, from sweet to spicy and everything in between. I prefer cooking and baking seasonally (butternut squash soup when the leaves fall, desserts overflowing with berries during summertime and ah… all the delicious Christmas food!), but as it rains every so often outside my kitchen window –

a cup of hot chocolate is always a good idea.

This interest for food goes hand in hand with my interest in travelling the world. I’ve got a scratch map of the world which I intend to scratch every corner of. But, as that is extremely expensive and time consuming, I will in the meantime make food from around the world, look at photographs from pretty destinations and dream.

Ginger with Spice

I am by no means any professional cook, photographer or writer, I’m merely a professional eater. I live in Norway and will often use Norwegian substitutes for ingredients not widely available here. But as my recipes often are inspired by American recipes, they will also have suitable substitutes for any American out there.

Yes, I do agree that I need better photographs of the author, cook and lady in question. 

Maybe I should add one of me with a pink apron, pink spatula and a colgate smile? Maybe not. I’m a fierce cook with no apron (and many stains). So maybe I should get an apron. 

Oh, and by the way, my name is Stine Mari. So, now you know about me. More importantly, go look at my food! 


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