Find your perfect appetizer recipe. Whether it being a Thanksgiving appetizer, summer BBQ finger food, game day or Super Bowl party food. Every occasion needs different appetizers and atmosphere. Here you’ll find a vast variety of recipes, such as this wonderful Wild Mushroom Ravioli (which also doubles as a main course!), or these cute Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Apple Puffs.


Assemble a menu with several appetizers and you’ve got yourself the perfect tapas party as well! Tapas is perfect when you’re feeding a crowd. Many can also often be made days ahead. Appetizers are usually overlooked, but when it comes to tapas they truly shine.


Dips such as raita for an Indian dinner party or guacamole for a Mexican one, are always winners. The creaminess from such dips are perfect with both healthy vegetables and carby bread like naan or tortillas.


Appetizers set the mood for the entire experience of a dinner. The dinner becomes an event. These recipes will help you create the most amazing experience.


See below to find my favorite appetizer recipes!


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